This project is the redevelopment of a car showroom site on the A5 just north of the North Circular Road in West Hendon, north London.

The many challenges of the site include the environmental problems of traffic noise and air quality, combined with the proximity of 1930’s semi detached housing and gardens to the rear.

None of the flats are to be single aspect onto the main road, and all have west facing private gardens, roof terraces or balconies.

The local authority insisted on maintaining full separation distances to all windows and balconies, as well as further reducing the massing of the building to avoid any ‘sense’ of overlooking or overshadowing.

The east façade is therefore urban and formally structured whereas the rear elevation is tiered with stepping back terraces, planting, and modelling of the building form.

The 39 private flats all have MVHR ventilation to allow windows to be closed when preferred, whilst saving energy by recovering heat from the ventilation system.

A basement provides car parking all with electric charging points, secure cycle parking for 60 bicycles, and a refuse and recycling storage and collection point.

At the rear there is an urban re-greening garden with tree planting and a children’s play area.